Sudama Seva

Sudama Seva

Our Temple Construction Project

With blessing and guidance from Our Founder Acharya His Divine Grace

A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

One who builds or helps to build a beautiful temple for the Lord will be free from all sinsful reactions and will enter the Vaikuntha planets.
– Narasimha Purana

A person who builds a temple of Shri Vishnu will get the same result as performing the Rajasuya Yajna and Ashwamedha Yajna. O best of the Brahmanas, As many atoms as there are in the temple, for so many years thousands of years will he be able to reside in the heavenly planets.
– Vishnu Darmotthara

Srila Prabhupada said, “If you build a temple of Lord Krishna in this world, He will build a palace for you in the spiritual world- Vaikuntha”

Matsya Sudama Seva

Rs 501 per month

Kurma Sudama Seva

Rs 1,001 per month

Varaha Sudama Seva

Rs 3,001 per month

Vamana Sudama Seva

Rs 5001 per month

Narasimha Sudama Seva

Rs 10,001 per month

Parashuram Sudama Seva

Rs 25,001 per month

Balaram Sudama Seva

Rs 50,001 per month

Krishna Sudama Seva

Rs 1,00,001 per month

Donation from NRI devotees

Devotees who are in abroad are requested to send an email to Nama Nistha Das Prabhuji at [email protected]